Friday, December 5, 2008

Should We Get Married? It May Soon Be Possible in Carrboro, NC!

In my little hamlet of Carrboro, NC--the very same place that had one of the first out gay elected officials (Mike Nelson as Mayor), and claims to be the Paris of the Piedmont--the news around town is this: we could be a town that puts forth a resolution asking the legislature to allow same sex marriage. The resolution was passed unanimously. Click here for more.

The idea behind this resolution is to start a debate in the state of NC. What is awkward is that NC isn't ready to have such a discussion yet. We can't vote for a bill that outlaws bullying that includes LGBT youth.

But we have to start somewhere, and why not start the debate from my hometown!




manxxman said...

You'd better start practicing getting down on your knee (notice I didn't say knees....proposals are suppose to be classy).

Tom Greene said...

This is only the start of a new era in NC. We can't stop now and just have Carrboro and CH taking stands for same-sex marriage, we need to push the rural areas to see the justice in our cause- and we are NOT going to shut-down their churches if they don't marry gay couples. We want civil marriage.

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

One knee :->

And Tom is right: this is but a beginning. The fear is that we are not a state that is ready to debate this issue, let alone pass it. Heck: we're still afraid of anti-bullying bills that include the word "gay and lesbian."

Tom Greene said...

Indeed, Chapel Hill supports gay marriage.

After reading the story about gay marriage in Carrboro, I made a similiar proposal to the CH Town Council- it passed without debate and with FULL support.

I feel very fortunate to live in this area- but the movement continues to the rural areas, as well.

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

Proud of Chapel Hillians!