Monday, December 22, 2008

What do Pope Benedict and Rick Warren Have in Common? Homophobia!

This is classic: we are despised by both Rick Warren AND Pope Benedict!

Rick Warren's church, Saddle Back Church, in its small group ministries (How Methodist can you get?!) website explicitly says that homosexuals are not allowed:

We get lectures about civility and the need to welcome everyone, even those we disagree with, and Rick Warren won't even welcome us in his church. This is from the Saddleback Church's own Web site. You know things are bad when the church goes out of its way to explicitly say that you're not welcome as a member in their Web site FAQ. But we're supposed to welcome him to our inauguration. (Hat tip to reader Ken.)

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And then the Pope equated saving straight families from LGBTQ people as all of us saving the rain forest!

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Here's the good news: Obama hasn't invited the Pope--another homophobe--to be in his inaugural festivities.




manxxman said...

Of course he hasn't invited the Pope, the guy goes around in a skirt and Parda gay. What would Warren think if he saw him on the Inaugural stand.

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

Prada happens! Warren wears Trader Joe's shirts: hope he keeps up the tradition in his appearance!