Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Newsweek's Cover Story: Gay Marriage

By my nightstand I have a copy of Newsweek magazine's story on gay marriage. I paw through it now and then, read and re-read parts of it, and am amazed at the story. The reporter of the story looked fairly carefully at the biblical readings of unions of men and women, as well as men and men, e.g., Jonathan and David, along with polygamy, e.g., Abram along with Hagar and then there is Sarai...

And what do we do with a young girl by the name of Mary, who is betrothed but not yet quite legally wedded to Joseph, who bears a son out of wedlock?

As I've written and preached, and spoken out before, the nuclear family is a 1950s "tradition" that needs to be put away with some other relics of the '50s. Marriage and family are both categories and functions of society that keep changing throughout time, in all cultures, etc. They are, to use another phrase I've used often before, context dependent terms. This is not to make them "relative," but relevant by understanding the cultural context in which marriage, family, and unions are to be understood and practiced.


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joel batten-amador said...

i'm really enjoying reading your blog...i'm reading some of your older posts to catch up!!! i especially liked this post, because your reference to the idea of "nuclear" family being a thing of the past, and perhaps, something that should be filed away with other echos something i just heard the Dali Lama speak on recently. He said that some cultural customs just become outdated with the passage of time, and that at a certain point, they just become obsolete. good stuff!!! keep up the good work, sir!