Sunday, December 7, 2008

Prop 8: LIberals and Hollywood Elite vs. the African American Church

In the this morning, there is an interesting article about the fraying or disunity of rainbow politics, the idea that opposites or those who are in paradoxical relationship with each other except for one goal in common--such as voting for Obama--work together for the common good.

But that's not what happened in CA: opposites voted for Barack, but one group--largely the African American church members who voted (7 out or 10) for Prop. 8--stood to rip a constitutional right away from a minority, largely LGBTQ people:

A coalition is composed of groups that may dislike — or even hate — one another, but who understand the shared political expediency of standing together. Rainbow party politics involve bringing together masses of people who are identified by being burdened by a particular grievance. Soon enough — in groups forged of such friable bonds, and almost always when matters of morality and lifestyle come into play — you will discover that one oppressed group does not necessarily support the goals of another oppressed group.

And this:

Furthermore — and perhaps even more painfully for those of us who support gay marriage and all that it represents — Christian teaching on marriage is not the only reason so many blacks supported Proposition 8. Although it has come as a shocking realization to many in this community, a host of sociological studies confirm that many blacks feel a significant aversion to homosexuality itself, finding it morally and sexually repugnant. And here in essence is the problem with the Democrats’ big tent, as well as the grounds for a wholly new kind of culture war that is probably going to make us long for the clear lines and simple enmities of the old one. The New Deal coalition was a mass movement based on building a more just economic and political order, embracing Protestant evangelicals and Catholic immigrants, segregationists and integrationists, radical left-wingers and unionized working men from the steel belt, all holding their noses with one hand and pulling the lever with the other. Many of us who voted for Mr. Obama want the same things that the New Dealers wanted; we aren’t trying to advance a cause as much as we want to regain so much lost ground.

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Now, what is interesting is that there is a group of progressive evangelicals who are worried about the protests against certain churches because they voted pro-Prop. 8.

Things are heating up!

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