Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gays...the Next Civil Rights Movement?

This has been bouncing around the blogs: are we who are LGBTQ the new civil rights movement?

This issue was in today's News and Observer, where there are parallels being drawn between LGBTQ people and the African American community, both outsiders to the majority: straight and white.

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manxxman said...


This just galls black churchs that "we" could consider ourselves a minority worth having a cause.

I know I'm sounding bitter, and I am. They are the reason for the victory of Prop 8. I know we have made a lot of the money the Mormons sent into California, but face it, there are not enough Mormons in California to make that big a difference........


Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

But the money the LDS put into this fight, along with Catholic money, etc., was enough to make a difference in winning the vote.

manxxman said...

I understand about the money from the LDS church and the catholic bishops.........but their refusal to have the same compassion they asked from so many white people to stand up for them when they had no voice........inexcusable.

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

I think that the argument being made that the LDS church is participating in civil issues in such a strong and large and demonstrable fashion begs the question: where or what is the separation of church and state?