Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Homophobic Driven Life: Rick Warren is Scared of Us!

In Rick Warren's world view, and thus theology, is it possible to be gay (LGBTQ) and live a purpose driven life--and be a Christian?

In an interview with Beliefnet.com's director, Steve Waldman, Warren declares he's not a homophobe because he has gay friends, supports AIDS programs, and has even eaten in gays' homes.

I've heard this line before from other homophobes who were my boss in an institution of higher education.

Warren and his church supported Prop. 8.

Warren is a homophobe.

Here's the kicker. Ready?

Warren dodged Waldman's question about whether he supported civil unions or domestic partnerships, answering instead, "I support full equal rights for everyone in America," adding that he only opposes a "redefinition" of marriage. He went on to say he's opposed to gay marriage the same way he is opposed to a brother and sister marrying (that would be incest), a man marrying a child (that would be statutory rape), or someone having multiple spouses (that would be polygamy). Pressed by Waldman, Warren said he considered those crimes equivalent to gay marriage.

He thought that if Prop. 8 had lost, pastors would be able to be sued for "hate speech" by not marrying LGBTQ couples.


We pastors get to pick and choose who we will and will not marry.

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Warren is a homophobe.

The purpose driven life is a homophobic movement.




manxxman said...

Face it he loves power and hate even thinly vailed hate holds sawy over the masses easier then love.

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

I sense within Warren the need for an incredible spot light that just is not big enough in the world. Though I may be confused and unconscious of the need of some publicity, Warren seems bound and determined to stay front, center, and relevant.

What will Obama do with him?

What will Warren do with Obama?