Monday, December 15, 2008

MILK: The Movie

Yesterday I saw the movie "Milk." I've read the good and so-so-reviews of the movie. Nevertheless, for a bio-pic, I thought this ranked right up their with "Ghandi," "Ali," and "Ray". It was well told, with the flash-backs hung on the narrative line as "Harvey" tells his story in a cassette tape recorder (that looks like one I have upstairs).

The movie is a "must" for not only those of us who are LGBTQ, and straight allies, but for all of those who need the inspiration of moving forward in speaking truth to power, especially in the day and times that the stress is greatest.

One of the psychological games I like to play is this: which person would I a) most be like if I were in a similar situation? and b) which one would I most LIKE to be like in such a biopic? For example, when watching flicks on the Holocaust, e.g., Bent, Schindler's List, Sophie's Choice, the question is daunting: while I would like to say I would be outspoken and prophecy with my life, it comes at a steep cost. Likewise, I've met those people who seem to play well the role of "cog" in society's machine, without a question or thinking about what they are part of.

Likewise, in "Milk": are you Harvey? His partner Scott? Others in the camera shop? Dan White?

This is where a film becomes a teachable moment.

Sadly, as my friend Steve Petrow has remarked in his review in this week's Independent Weekly, many in this younger generation (40 and under) know little of Milk. This film is important.

Milk was the first out gay politician who won an elective office as an out gay man. There are now 600 in this country.

I'm thinking of running for the School Board for Chapel Hill-Carrboro Community School System. Any campaign managers out there who read this blog?




manxxman said...

I loved the film, although I was in tears at the end of it.

I'll donate if you run for the school's the best I can do.

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

Have you seen the documentary? I saw it years ago and am eager to see it again after seeing "Milk."

I'll let you know when I start the campaign.


manxxman said...

I saw the documentary and read The Mayor of Castor......I was actually living in California during the "Briggs Amendment"