Monday, July 5, 2010

Response to the Usual from General Assembly (219) of the Presby. Church (USA)

How I'd have given my eyetooth to be at General Assembly. I should've gone. Enough said.

From the More Light Presbyterian Blogsite re: discussion of ordination of LGBTQ people...who are out. There are many of us who are LGBT or Q who have been ordained and served the Church faithfully, the majority doing so in the closet. But the discussion continues, with this from the "naysayers":


Most of the arguments from the open hearings about keeping G-6.0106 as it is fall into these categories: Biblical stance; Ex-gay persons raising up the possibility of change; Potential disunity in the church; Speed of progress; Opposite gender constructions of marriage only; Don’t change 2000 years of church standards.

There are those who want yet another mortorium in which no one will talk about "it," to give it a rest.



This is one of the reasons I'm glad not to be at GA: to hear and see more of this.

The time to change is past now.

Simply this: ordain-the-people-God-calls-to-leadership-now.


I'll think of something more rcreative soon.

Come on, folks: we're here and we've been doing so much work for the team.

Let's make official and overt the change that has already taken place covertly.



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