Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Meanwhile, Elsewhere in the World, Away from the US...Life for LGBTQ People is Perilous

This from, about a pro-LGBTQ organization seeking a consultative role in the UN, with our support. However, there are two congressmen (Chris Smith from NJ and Trent Franks from AZ) who are trying to block our role in endorsing this group:

The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission has been trying since May 2007 to win accreditation from the United Nations, which would allow the NGO to have a voice at the international body. But the group's application for "consultative status" had been deferred by the status-granting NGO committee until early last month, when the committee voted to block its application.

Among the countries voting against the application: Egypt, Angola, Burundi, China, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia and Sudan. In all those countries but Russia and China, LGBT people can be jailed, fined, whipped or killed if they are caught by authorities.

The committee, which has a history of voting against gay rights organizations, makes its recommendations to the Economic and Social Council, which makes the final decision on consultative status.

After last month's vote, Ambassador Susan Rice submitted a resolution to the council to consider the IGLHRC's application directly, saying the organization's "widely respected advocacy and research has given a voice to those who have long suffered in silence."

It is time to stop the violence.



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