Wednesday, July 14, 2010

PCUSA: Incrementalism as a strategy toward LGBTQ equality

Bit by bit, inch by inch, small steps all in a row we, as a Church, are moving toward equality in the PCUSA.

And the world is noticing.

From, there was this citation/reference to an article in the Center for American Progress, in which the writer sees movement in our denomination with "two steps forward, one step back." That "one step back" was not fully endorsing the majority report on marriage--two persons--but honoring both majority and minority reports, which will confuse the issue...sigh...

This reflection is worthy of claiming as a good:

This overture, coupled with the earlier vote against more inclusive language for marriage, paints a picture of a church moving toward full LGBT equality but not quite able to commit to redefining the traditional understanding of marriage to which most Christian denominations have ascribed.

The Presbyterians’ progress last week got little media attention—probably because anything less than changing the definition of traditional marriage might not seem worthy of headlines. Even so, such progress is important to recognize. Not long ago, mainline churches such as the PCUSA were much more monolithic in their opposition to gay and lesbian equality. Now, according to a Pew research poll, a majority of mainline Protestants say that society should accept homosexuality.

LGBT equality in mainline Christian churches is seeming more and more sure with the progress made at this recent Presbyterian conference and polling showing increasing religious acceptance of gays and lesbians.

Claim the momentum! Now the work really has begun in the Presbytery level.



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