Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Moderator of PCUSA: Elder Cindy Bolbach

This is always important in getting a sense of the tenor, or the temperature, of the General Assembly of the PCUSA: Elder Cindy Bolbach is Moderator.

She has been supportive of LGBTQ concerns.

For some of us in the Church, this is great news. The GA body is set to continue the trend, the arc, of restoring justice to the Church body.

But the hard work--if this is a pro-LGBTQ assembly--comes to the Presbytery meetings, which will have to ratify any amendments to the Constitution of the Church.

The hard work is before us. I've seen this play, this movie, before.

Hard work.

As for me:
Back from the beach after days of reading and rest and therapy for one of our dogs, Toby, who had a mini-stroke in his hip last Sunday.



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