Friday, July 23, 2010

Citizen Choi

There was a scene in the t.v. show "Kathy Griffin on the D List" that has soured us on Ms. Griffin. For all her talk and blather and humor--much of which we used to like--she has turned us off on this issue: in the DC rally, when then-Lt. Choi invited her to come and stand with him and handcuff herself on the gates of the White House she refused. She didn't even go with him to witness his act of bravery. Neither did Joe Solomese of HRC. Even when asked, she turned him down, saying that she didn't want to distract from the focus on him.


There was already plenty of focus on Mr. Choi, and her witness to this injustice would've impressed us even more. Mr. Choi is a hero in our eyes, and sticks up for what is right and real and true.

Kathy Griffin no longer is.

Turning of the D-List. Not that interesting anymore. It is, after all, all about Kathy and not about greater issues of justice.

As for HRC? We turned them off years ago when they refused to help me in my case against Duke because it is a "religious institution."

Mr. Choi is now citizen Choi, honorably discharged because of DADT.

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