Thursday, July 1, 2010

At the beach, celebrating a birthday

Celebrating another year of life!

At the beach, where the sun is coming out, the ocean is rhythmically lapping against the shore line, and we are about to take a stroll.

Life is good.




manxxman said...

Recharge the ole batteries.....have a good time.

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...


I've just finished re-drafting/re-vising the manuscript to DIVINITY and sent to my agent in NYC...getting closer to telling the world why I am no longer teaching at Duke Divinity School...yes I am!

manxxman said...

Duke, isn't that were Nixon went to Law School......yuk. Evil, evil, evil......oh yeah and Kentucky will never ever forgive them.....that has something to do with basketball.

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

LOL...Duke is where Nixon got his law degree.

My book will simply lift up the bias/prejudice scandal against LGBTQ people at the institution.