Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ahhh...Politics! State and Church!

News today--tonight--from Hawaii: the (Republican) Governor vetoed same sex unions/civil unions in Hawaii. She wants the people to decide. So much for having legislatures.

Meanwhile, from TN, a couple, who were separate by a strange law that kept a lesbian couple apart because of their kis, were able to move back together today: Earlier this week, Tennessee's Court of Appeals for a second time struck down a judge's ruling in a child custody agreement that prevented Chandler and Mary Counce, her partner of more than 10 years, from living together.

Angel Chandler used to live in Gibson County, Tenn., but now shares a home with Counce in Black Mountain.

The so-called paramour clause was first imposed in May 2008 by Gibson County Chancellor George Ellis, prohibiting overnight stays by Counce. The restriction was not requested by Chandler's ex-husband and came despite a psychological evaluation finding no harm to their children, who are now ages 17 and 15.

Chandler and Counce first moved to Black Mountain in 2003 before moving back to Tennessee. They came back to Western North Carolina about three years ago.

“We were just looking for somewhere and it was a combination of things that we loved about Asheville,” Chandler said. “It's more open and there are a lot of things Asheville offers.”

Chandler's children have not been able to visit since June of last year when she and Counce could afford to keep separate residences. Since then, however, financial woes forced the couple to start living together again, and Chandler had to make the seven-hour drive to Tennessee where she stayed with relatives to visit her children.

And the PCUSA continue sto work forward toward ordination of LGBTQ people. But the real action is going to be in the Presbyteries.



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