Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Speaking to and of our families...

US Representative Nadal, along with a host of other US Representatives, have begun the serious work of overturning DOMA. While the House and Senate were under Republican control in those days, it was a Democratic President--Clinton--who signed the law into effect, with his advisor Dick Morris engineering the bill;

And Elton John is being denied a chance to adopt a child from the Ukrained because he is too old and too gay.

Meanwhile, in Maine, those against marriage equality have begun advertisements. The blog is filled with hope that we will help pay for ads promoting marriage for all.

What a busy Tuesday!

What is amazing is that all of these events influence every one of our families--gay and straight alike. For we are all connected in this world. Or if we treat one group of people as second class citizens, beware; others will also be treated this way, ala, Martin Niemoller.



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jim said...

I love your blog and read it all the time.

I think Elton John should have been denied permission to adopt that boy. Not because he is gay, but because of his age. Elton John is deep into his 60's and when that boy is in is teen he will be pushing 80 (which is over the avg lifespan in the UK). I have 4 children, the older 2 were adopted from foster care and I strongly support adoption by gay and straight couples (singles too). But I think there is a valid concern when it comes to age.