Wednesday, September 30, 2009

See "Opus" by Michael Hollinger at Playmakers Rep, UNC!

For those in the area, go see a performance of "Opus" by Michael Hollinger, currently playing at Playmakers Rep at UNC-CH!

Or, "Run, Don't Walk, to See 'Opus'!"

It is a play about the ins and outs of the Lazara String Quartet, and how there is the performance of the Quartet, and then there is the psychological, emotional, spiritual, and practical parts of the process of being and becoming a Quartet, in which four lives must meld together to perform extraordinary music. "Opus" is about the process of the collaboration of the musicians, and not the product. And that made it incredible!

What was novel was that this was one of the rare moments that we have a gay couple working out their relationship in the play. And it wasn't pretty. Neither was the heterosexual relationship being lived out. Thank you, God, for reality!

This is a "thumbs up" recommendation. The play closes on Oct. 11th.



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