Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Gathering of Supportive Women

I am in Foster's in Chapel Hill. It is a great restaurant to kick back and not act pretentious. I like to come to Foster's to some times catch up on emails at the end of the day, with a cup of tea or Diet Coke, before going to the Y. Call it "transition place." Of course, free wine tasting doesn't hurt either.

On the table in front of me was a feather boa of several rainbow colors, and books with the title like "Being Lesbian." Soon, fifteen women came and gathered round the table. They are beautiful women of all ages: college age, a few in the middle years of life, and some who are as old as my mother (in her 80s). There are women wearing jeans and shorts, and women wearing beautiful skirts. There are women with short hair, long hair, styled hair, and bald. Women drinking beer, wine, bottled water, and smoothies. There are women wearing stylish high heels (stilettos), and women wearing clogs or sneakers. There are women eating salad, some eating pizza, while others eat wrap sandwiches. Some have back packs, while others carry purses

They are passing around a tablet to get names and emails.

The conversation is convivial and engaging. It is obvious this is a new gathering as they introduce themselves by their first names.

And it is beautiful.



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