Friday, June 12, 2009

Slow Boat: Obama Admin. and DOMA and DADT, ENDA, etc., etc., etc.

In reading,, and a host of other blogs and webbies, it is clear that the Obama Administration is currently not doing anything to repeal DOMA or DADT for starters.

Here's the latest regarding DOMA: click here.

So, here's a question: is his administration doing this so that the LGBTQ community builds up enough hatred and anger about the slowness of change, forcing the hand of the Obama Admin., so that they can turn around and make the changes, charging that there was a "movement in the country for change"?

Is this their strategy? That we will be angry enough to force their hand?

Because if it is, by God I think it is working!

Change now.

Justice delayed is justice denied.



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