Saturday, June 13, 2009

Catching the Wave For Gay Marriage

I love reading articles and op-ed essays re: LGBTQ. Maybe it goes back to the old axiom that good or bad publicity is, in the end, good publicity. Why? Because it announces that we are here, and that we matter.

Take this op-ed today by a former candidate for Governor of NY, Tom Suozzi, who seems to be going beyond his Catholic heritage to being a citizen of the greater public. He is catching the fever, the wave, of being pro-LGBTQ marriage:

Many civil marriages are not considered “holy matrimony” by religious institutions because they do not conform to the rules of the religious institution. Those marriages have not challenged religious liberty. We must see that civil marriage, which has always been separate from religious marriage, will remain so.

But most important, gays and lesbians have suffered too long from legal discrimination, social marginalization and even violence. They are entitled to clear recognition of their equal status as citizens of a country that is founded on the principle that we are all inherently worthy. By delivering a clear message that same-sex couples can no longer be treated as separate and unequal in New York, we will also reduce discrimination in everyday life. We will all be better for that.

Equal civil marriage should, and likely will, pass because of the public’s growing unwillingness to sustain inequality. Society will also be strengthened as more people take responsibility for one another in marriage. I now encourage others who oppose gay marriage to re-examine the reasons they do so, and to consider changing their minds too.

Tom Suozzi wrote this.

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I like it when mainstream politicians "get it."



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