Friday, June 26, 2009

The Sanctity of Marriage and US Politicians

No more talk from the holier-than-thous regarding the sanctity of marriage.

This is forbidden.

Gov. Mark Sanford reminded us of silly talk about the sanctity of marriage. Sanford--who would impeach Clinton--is guilty of the very same indiscretion, a.k.a., cheating on his wife, doing the very same thing he found Clinton guilty of doing.

This is a Letter to the Editor I saw posted on and WaPo letters that is very telling, expressing how many of us feel and think:

I am a gay man. My partner lives 12 time zones away. We are in a monogamous relationship, and we do not cheat. We get to see each other only twice a year for less than three weeks. Although he is a professional in marketing, the United States will not let him immigrate because he was not picked in the lottery. The federal government would not recognize our relationship if I married him. The government will not allow us to be together.

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford ["S.C. Gov. Sanford Admits to an Affair," front page, June 25] and Sen. John Ensign (and former House speaker Newt Gingrich and senator Larry Craig) oppose same-sex marriages even as they do their best to destroy the institution of marriage in the United States.

I pay my taxes. I served in the military. I was an Eagle Scout. In short, I am a good, but second-class, citizen. It's very hard not to be infuriated by the double standards.



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Amazing world we live in, yes?



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