Tuesday, June 23, 2009

NC News: House votes to protect gay kids

The anti-bullying bill, that lists those children and adolescents must susceptible to bullying, that has died in the various committees and legislative bodies in the state of NC is on its way to becoming law! The split is 59 for, 57 against in the House, and there has to be three readings of the law and three votes before such a measure becomes law.

Third reading today. Not likely that anyone will peel off and not vote like they did previously.

And who were the ones who were holding it up and railing against the measure? Many of my brothers and sisters who are ordained in various denominations. In other words, clergy and many conservative Republicans...and a lone Democrat.

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As my partner said: This is HUGE!



p.s., today's final vote: 58-57: anti-bullying bill off to the Governor's desk to sign. Yeah!

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