Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Cautious New President...or the Thud Heard Around the World

On reading this morning, I noticed these two "War Room" notices about Obama: first one was re: Biden and Clinton suggesting that Obama be more outspoken in his support of Mousavi protesters in Iran. They claim he is being cautious to a fault.

The second entry was in re: to the benefit package for Federal employees. This did not include health or retirement benefits for Federal employees. It was a salve, a balm, for those LGBTQ folks who feel that this Administration is dragging its heels on LGBTQ issues:

"But for all that, the policy really doesn't go all that far. It does mean that most federal workers -- non-civilian employees of the Department of Defense are not included -- will now be able to take sick leave if they need to care for their partner or their partner's children, and it will help with some visitation rights and provide long-term care insurance coverage. But the biggest benefits, like healthcare and retirement, are not included; they're prohibited under DOMA. And some gay federal employees already had these benefits, depending on their supervisor's policy."

As I said before, Obama is governing through incrementalism on many issues, including LGBTQ concerns.

Is this Clinton Redux?




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