Monday, June 29, 2009

40 Year Anniversary Celebration of Stonewall

Throughout the weekend, and today with Pres. Obama welcoming leaders and families in the LGBTQ community to the White House, the attention is on Stonewall, the NYC bar in which the drag queens had had enough of the harassment of the police department, and a riot ensued. Before Stonewall, to be LGBT or Q was something one hid. After Stonewall, being LGBT or Q was a matter of pride.

I will be posting articles--in which there are lots from alone--throughout the next few days, asking the question: isn't it time for equality in society, communities of faith, and in government?

First one: Gayby Boom: an article on "our" children--all of us who are LGBTQ parents--and what it is like to live with an out mom(s) or dad(s). in our family, my children remind me constantly "You don't know what it is like to have a gay parent in NC!" They are correct. I am learning from them. But at least we talk about it in the open rather than in the days 41 years ago in which it was not discussed. Click here!

Second: Frank Rich's piece/op-ed in the, where he talks about that Stonewall happened 40 years ago, and we are still second class citizens. Still. In the Church--most Protestant and Catholic, as well as Eastern Orthodox Churches--this is truly the case: we are second class citizens. Here's the theological dilemma: in God's purview, we are all equal, and there is no first or class citizenry (read and re-read all of Paul's letters, and remember, he doesn't write about our modern understanding of human sexuality). So who has it mixed up: God or the Church? Click here.

Third: loved this article also in the about gay and straight friends. As a gay minister, I have a congregation full of straight parishioners. This is not an issue. And that's what this article is about: it is a non-issue...for most of us. Click here.

Fourth: significant article here about the culture around us being more inclusive of LGBTQ people while the politics of the State (and the Church) are lagging behind. How true! Click here.



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