Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Hath Sprung, And Gay Couples Wed...or Stay Wed in Iowa!

This morning, on two separate occasions, on sidewalks in the Carrboro, NC, I saw dads with babies!  One dad, dressed in a running suit, had disheveled blond hair, pushing a child in a stroller with the chocolate Labrador retriever; another dad had a Snuggli on, a baby well strapped onto the chest of this handsome man, walking with his (male) friend(?).  Spring has sprung, and I just kept smiling.   

On and, there was news of the legal case that Lambda is bringing to the state of Iowa, defending the married gay and lesbian couples in that great state of presidential caucuses.  Judge Robert Hanson supported gay marriage in 2007, though these marriages were later invalidated, calling the law of that state regarding marriage too restrictive.
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It is spring!  And it is time to not only stroll the lane with our babies in tow, but to fight for marriage for all...or whatever we may want to call our long term relationships!

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