Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Second Banned Gay Book: Banning the JOY OF GAY SEX in Idaho!

A few weeks ago I blogged about the banning of the book, AND TANGO MAKES THREE, a children's story on two male penguins who adopt a young chick, based on the real life story of penguins in the Bronx (NY) Zoo. The elementary school libraries were told, in a unilateral fashion by the superintendent of the school system, to place the books on reserve shelves behind the librarian's desks because the children were too young developmentally to deal with another way of being a family...the other normal groups of being family would be "The Simpson Family," "Two and a Half Men," and "Family Guy," all shows that children of all ages can watch at home.

Now we find out that the book THE JOY OF GAY SEX has been removed from the bookshelves of public libraries in Nampa, Idaho. Click here for more of this story. Consider this book banned too.

Here is what is amazing: by taking these books off of the shelves, children and teenagers who are interested in or should be informed about ways of being "family" in this great country of ours are being deprived. I know of too many gay men and lesbian women who were never told about the "birds and bees" of sex because their parents did not know how to talk about heterosexual sex, let alone gay or lesbian sex.

What we are doing with the act of banning books is breeding ignorance.

Shame on us all.


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