Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cuba: Leading the Way For the US of A?

All the blogs (,, had the news from Cuba: Mariela Castro, niece of Fidel and daughter of Raul, is leading the charge of making Cuba's laws for LGBT people more equal with heterosexuals in Cuba.  As the head of the National Center for Sex Education, she figured out that there will need to be a great deal of education of the populace before LGBT people are given more rights and privileges that will bring us to a place of equality with heterosexual people in Cuba.  As many of the "gay marriage advocates rightly understand, we were voting on the issues regarding "gay marriage" in the last few election cycles before the populace were rightly educated about what it is that we are asking for, and why.  Instead, with the stealth of the "Rove machine," and the fire in the belly in many communities of faith, along with the ambiguity of many in mainstream communities of faith who did nothing, amendments were made that were harmful to those of us who are LGBT.  But amendments can be overturned in those states that followed a strident script of anger.  There is always an opportunity, especially among those of us who are out, to work toward educating the greater populace and changing the conversation, in which we will have equal rights in all arenas of our lives.  Then we may be more like Cuba!  Isn't that interesting?  And yet sad?
Peace, Brett

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