Sunday, March 9, 2008

Calling Out

This article on soccer players to come out of the "closet" is a challenge for those of us who are clergy and are LGBT people yet playing "don't ask, don't tell." There is something within us that wants to stay in the closet because it has become such a part of who we are, that the binding of the closet feels comfortable. Click here to read the story.

On this fifth Sunday of Lent, I am reminded in the story of Lazarus, he was to take off his own wrappings of his death shroud. While Jesus called him out of the embrace of death, it was Lazarus and his friends who took needed to follow the command of Jesus to rise and "unbind him, and let him go" (John 11: 44, 45).

As LGBT clergy, many of us become very comfortable with the wrappings of oppression, repression, and sadness in the closet, and it will take courage to finally see and unbind ourselves from the politics of the Church.

Rise! Shine! For our light/Light has come!



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