Monday, March 3, 2008

Fight the Good Fight With All Thy Might! Oregonians and Domestic Partnership

One of the facts of all civil rights movements (e.g., African American and women's rights, disabilities rights and the rights of all other minority groups) is that there is are many battles in a larger war for equality.  While I am no fan of the militaristic language, though I was raised on it, this fact seems to be a fact for those of us in the LGBT and straight allies movement as well.  We seem to make or move two steps forward in our struggle for equality, and then there is a step back as we are beaten down a notch, though the momentum is on our side.  

This seems to be the case in terms of domestic partnerships, civil unions, and marriage: wherever there is a move forward, a "battle won" in terms of allowing us to register our "unions" and be protected by certain laws that other heterosexual couples take for granted (this is true), there is a minority group that registers a complaint...legally.  This is what is happening in OR (Click here) in which domestic partnerships were allowed in the beginning of February, and over 1,000 couples have already signed up.  Likewise, folks in Iowa are aware of the gay couple that were able to be married because of a legal loophole, there are others who are trying to close the loop hole under a religious self-righteousness (Click here).

My grandmother's favorite hymn (among many to be honest) was "Fight the good fight with all thy might, God is thy strength and God thy right; take hold of life and it shall be, thy throne and eternally."  I sing this hymn when in a hostile crowd.  I've sung it a lot lately.  But fight the good fight is what we must do.  God is with us all.

Peace, Brett

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