Sunday, February 17, 2008

Liberate the Penguins! Loudon County Elementary Schools are Hiding "And Tango Makes Three!"

The Washington Post had a story about the Superintendent of the Loudon County Schools (VA) taking out the copies of the wonderful children's story, "And Tango Makes Three," from the elementary schools in that school district because a (one) parent objected to the story.

Oh, please!

The story is a true life, real life story of Roy and Silo--male chin-strap penguins--who have a chick--Tango--and care for the young chick with tender affection...just like all male father penguins do!

Even though the principal of the school where the complaint arose, and the committees that were assigned to review the book, thought the book was fine, Superintendent Hatrick made the unilateral decision to take the book off the shelf away from children's ease of checking out the book. However, the book will be held in the "back" with the librarians/media resource staff who can let the book be read by teachers to a class. Why this decision? Because the children weren't developmentally ready for this story. Which or what developmental stage does one need to be "in" or "at" to understand the concept of "family?" Click here to learn more.

Is this not a form of censorship, hiding the book from all those who may want or need to read it? Rather than exposing children to all kinds of ways of being family, the children in this district are being deprived of knowing other ways of being family that are natural, designed by none other than God!

Let's liberate "And Tango Makes Three!"



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