Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Bible Says, "He That Pisseth Against the Wall'

Cruising www.andrewsullivan.com's website, I was caught by this YouTube'd episode of the young Baptist preacher who is preaching from his inerrant perspective of the Bible, arguing passionately against those "males" who "sit down on the toilet," when God clearly wants us "men" to "piss against the wall," according to Scriptures, "The word of God," and "wholesome words." The fall down of civilization, according to Rev. Sanderson, is because we are sitting down now to piss rather than standing up. He decries those who wrote the New King James Version and the New International Version who, he declares not only piss sitting down, but take out this reference, along with the word "damnation". He is angry against Germans for there are signs against pissing standing up. "We have a bunch of pastors who probably pee sitting down; we have a president who sits down when he pisses." To this young pastor, the Bible is clear: to be a man of God is to piss against walls. Anything less than that is, well, um, er: a sin!

(I'm falling down laughing now, rolling on the floor.)

After I caught my breath from being in hysterics while listening and watching this clip, I realized that this passion is also caught up in the arguments that many people in churches make against us who are LGB or T, using a total of eight (8) passages in the Bible that have little to nothing to do with our modern understanding of sexuality identity, orientation, or sexual expression among gays and straights alike. For years I have been in the presence of great theologians, biblical scholars, pastors, preachers, pastoral counselors, religious educators, and ethicists, who have seemingly boundless passion against those of us in the LGBT community based solely on 8 (did I say eight?) Scripture passages that refer to nothing akin to the modern sexual mores that straight and gay people practice and live today (sorry to be repetitive...call it hint of incredulity).

Enjoy the clip! Yet also remember that it is this same passionate man, caught up and believing his only rhetoric, who spews hate against those of us in the LGBT community.




Dave said...

Considering that every reference in the KJV has to do with the death of every one that pisseth against the wall, one might think rather that God has something against those people than that we ought to be them. Just sayin'.

Marcus Fergusson said...

Mark Twain had the right idea about all of this nonsense...