Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tax Protection and Beyond!

There is something quaint--well, silly, or maybe it is sad--when I get excited that in California, gay and lesbian couples have tax protection! The state supreme court of California has had the last say, and has established that domestic partners (what a quaint term, like undomesticated partners don't exist?) have tax protections as do married couples. Click here for the link.

Of course, we in the weird purple-ish state of NC (Democratic state government, Republican senators), have no such laws to be argued before any court in the state. As a couple, we file everything separately, because according to the laws of the state of North Carolina we are two individuals living together under the same roof.

But states like California, New Hampshire with its new laws permitting civil unions (along with New Jersey, etc.) are providing us with a road-map for our pilgrimage for full and total equality with heterosexuals in this country.



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