Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Episcopal Delegates From This Part of NC Push for Gay Rights

In this morning's News and Observer newspaper, Yonat Shimron reports on the delegates to the annual convention of the Episcopal Diocese of NC adopting a resolution asking the national body to support the full inclusion of gays and lesbians, and to create a liturgy(s) to "bless same sex unions." While I would like to have seen the creation of marriage liturgies for gay and lesbian couples, I understand that this "blessing of same sex unions" is the first step toward the eventual act of marriage. Click here to the short article.

While I celebrate with my Episcopal kith and kin, let me make it clear: all the institutional churches are doing is coming out of the proverbial "don't ask, don't tell" closet themselves. We who are LGBT have been, are, and will be forever more part of the "scene," part of the fabric of the body of Christ. There are parts of the body of Christ in which we will be called "faggot" and "deviant," which I have experienced recently, but we are still there, still here, even in the most outwardly rabid homophobic churches. Of course, as is usually the case, those who protest a little too much, rallying churches around this single issue, may have something to hide themselves, denying that which is part of who they really are. As my partner would say about those who protest our being part of the body of Christ, "Why are you exerting so much energy against us, giving us rent free space in your everyday thoughts, when there are more crucial issues for us to address, like poverty, injustice and oppression here and abroad, and spreading the love of God?"

My prayers this day are for the Episcopal Church in the United States as they make their way down the pilgrim path toward the inevitable destination of full acceptance of ALL God's people. And prayers for the rest of the members who compose the masterful yet unmanageable body of Christ (to our eyes at least) who struggle with love that calls us to live honestly and transparently. Or as we said in our little children's games of "Hide and Go Seek", "Come out, come out, wherever you are!"

Peace, Brett

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