Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Must See Film: "Bob and Jack's 52 Year Adventure!"

Tonight, we went to see the documentary film "Bob and Jack's 52 Year Adventure!" by Stu Maddux, a fund raising event for Equality NC, at Cary's Galaxy Cinema (a great art film theater), and we give it a "thumbs way up"! The film captures the spark that has kept Bob and Jack together lo these 52 years. Having met when they were serving in the military services as radio broadcasters in Munich, Germany, the documentary follows Jack's divorce from his wife, leaving wife and children to be in relationship with Bob; the film follows them to L.A., where they lived together before purchasing a radio station in a rural part of Washington state, and then there eventual move back to L.A., where they both worked as television and movie extras. At the end of the film, which lasted 40 minutes, many of us were so engrossed in the film that many people around us said, "That's it? We want more!"

Stu Maddux is a six-time Emmy Winner, and with more films coming along that address the issues facing us in the LGBT community, we look forward to some thoughtful documentaries in the future.

As two people who have been in relationship for now over 12 years, we were intrigued with some of the same feelings that Bob and Jack experienced in the serendipitous nature of all relationships. We laughed at their witty banter and smiled at their love that, they said, has intensified over the years. We appreciated that Bob and Jack live in a state (California) with some domestic provisions for each other, though struggle to understand their lack of enthusiasm to embrace marriage equality. Jack has also struggled to keep relationship with his two daughters, who were married in the 1960s, and he did not attend their weddings because of the kind of uproar it would've caused to have their dad and "Uncle Bob" at the ceremonies.

For more information about the film, click here!

Thanks Stu, NC Equality, and Galaxy Cinema, for a great movie!

Peace, Brett

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