Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Group on MySpace Among Gay Parents? Gay Clergy?

In today's USA Today there is an interesting article on Sergeant Darren Manzella, who is currently serving in the U.S. armed service and "outed" himself on a recent CBS "60 Minutes" about being out and gay in the U.S. armed service, serving in Kuwait. What caught my attention is that he was asked to join a group of 600 out-gay and lesbian military service personnel on an exclusive "MySpace" group, Guys and Gals Like Us. See the article by clicking here.

My children know MySpace and other chat-room-like websites well, or too well, as the case may be with um, one son of mine. Nevertheless, it crossed my mind: why not create a MySpace group for gay dads and lesbian moms? Why not create a MySpace group for gay and lesbian clergypersons? This is where the websites and blogspots become more than ruminations and see-what-we've-done postings, but can actually create a virtual community and network of folks who can be supportive of one another.


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