Monday, January 21, 2008

Barack Obama at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA

I sat quietly at a Presbytery meeting and heard a white elder of the Presbyterian Church USA compare LGBT people to "horse thieves and bank robbers." I have stood in the presence of an African American Pentecostal minister call LGBT people "deviant" and an "abomination."

On this commemorative day, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, it is important to realize that our current field of presidential contenders have something to say about those of us who are LGBT.

I've downloaded this Youtube example, with a tape of Democratic presidential contender, and United Church of Christ member, Sen. Barack Obama. On the next entry, I will play a Youtube example from the Republican field, Baptist minister the Rev. Mike Huckabee.

Who we vote for in this election--like all election cycles--matters.

Peace, Brett

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