Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Anti-Marriage Groups Arise: Indiana and Vermont...Must Be a Year to Elect a President

I watched my home state of Oregon vote for a Constitutional Amendment against gay marriage in 2004 during the last Presidential election. There was enough evidence evidence, after the fact, that Bush-Rove used the issue of gay marriage as a "wedge issue." People who were against gay marriage and voted for a constitutional amendment against gay marriage also happened to vote for Republicans. This very issue brought out some people to vote who would not normally vote. And voting for a Presidential candidate who was against gay marriage was "natural"...right?

And so 2008 is a Presidential year. And one of the ones to bring out voters is by being sure that an anti-gay marriage ban is on the ballot (Click here). In 2004, I was silent about this strategy. In 2008, I am no longer going to be silent.

It is time to speak out and stop this quadrennial event! And it is time to take all those amendments out of state constitutions, "Defense of Marriage Acts" (a.k.a., DOMAs), and support efforts for civil unions, or better yet: marriage.



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