Sunday, June 8, 2014


I saw a one woman performance of the play, "Etty" based on the life of Etty Hillusem, a Dutch Jew who was sent to the Nazi concentration camps in WWII.  It was directed by Austin Pendleton of movie/B'way fame, and Susan Steiner was the actress.  Broadway quality.

I was shaken by the play. A few weeks ago saw a play about Japanese internment camp in WWII. Normandy and celebrations the past few days came to mind.  Rwanda.  Cambodia.  Jim Crow laws.  Stonewall. LGBTQ rights.

During our fight against Amendment 1 in NC, a Baptist pastor thought there should be a fenced area in western NC to house all us LGBTQ people. The same impulse behind Naziism's fence is in all of us, on all issues.


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