Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wedding Feast at Cana

Today's Gospel reading was from the Gospel of John 2:1-11, the wedding feast of Cana, Jesus' first miracle in John.

What was interesting about the sermon today at United Church of Chapel Hill is that one illustration of God and his relationship with humankind is that of the "bride and the bride groom." The sermon illustration focused on a young husband, and missionary, in Haiti, who, when hearing about the earthquake rushed back to the capitol to find his wife who was crushed in a building. The next illustration? God rushing to his Beloved's side when "she" is in trouble was the also used as an example.

It was then that it struck me how uncomfortable I was in all the heterosexual examples, and how powerful the marriage example was in the sermon.

Then I turned to figure out why I was "hooked" on the example?

Because marriage is almost a fetish in American society, especially now in light of the equal marriage rights issue.

I then realized I've never heard of an example of "marriage" in a sermon that pulls on or points to a same sex couple.

While I am sad for the plight of the Haitians, and I am eager to honor Martin Luther King, Jr., tomorrow, I suddenly found myself focused on marriage, something I am not able to partake in as part of a "couple."

What will a sermon on the marriage feast at Cana, a small town outside of Nazareth, sound like when the example includes me and the person I love?

Maybe God is coming to rescue us this very minute?