Thursday, January 7, 2010

NJ Said No to Equal Marriage

NJ said "no" to equal marriage tonight. From

In a vote held Thursday afternoon, the New Jersey senate failed to gather enough votes to advance a same-sex marriage bill, effectively killing chances for gay nuptials in the state for the next few years. The measure failed 14 to 20.

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But here is what is interesting: students at UNC-Chapel Hill were asked if they did or did not support equal marriage rights, and 67% said they did support such rights.

So even if NJ Senate voted it down today, the momentum is on our side.

Sooner, rather than later, there will be equal rights for marriage for all in this country.

Time is on our side.

Love is on our side.




manxxman said...

Yeah, time is on our side.....that is if you have it......some of us don't have as much as others. Sad.

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

What do you think: a decade until marriage equality is reality in all 50 states?