Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Single Man: Bravo!

I agree with the critics that there were some slow parts in this film, but some parts of this film were very good!

Bravo, Tom Ford! Bravo, Christopher Isherwood! And Bravo, Colin Firth!

It is a love story: partner loses his partner due to a car accident. It is the 60s, and the idea of a middle class Colorado family accepting that their Navy son is gay, and in relationship, beyond the pale of reason or possibility. When our young professor is told he cannot come to the funeral by the one family member because "the funeral is only open to the family," hit me hard in the heart. When the character Charly played by Julianne Moore talks about having a "real relationship" with her, Firth's cry that he had been with his partner Jim for 15 years, and that was "real enough." Beautiful.

See this film!

Thumbs up.



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