Friday, January 22, 2010

Prelude to a Kiss: Ghost and Spice Production at Common Ground Theater, Durham, NC! A Must See Event

Last night we went and saw a performance of Craig Lucas' play, "Prelude to a Kiss." As many of you remember, in this story an older gentleman and a bride spontaneously kiss at a wedding, her wedding, and the souls of these two people switch places. What ensues for most of Act II is the hysterical and poignant moments of love betrayed and loved extolled. In the older man's body is the soul of a young woman, and vice versa.

Lucas wrote this in the early days of the AIDS crisis, reminding us of the people who were stricken by the disease who were still the people they always were and are and will be. In other words, it is learning to love the entirety of a person, and not simply the outter shell, the object of someone's desire.

In coming out of our closets, what many of us told those who love us and whom we love is simply this: now you know more of who I am, and I can be more fully who I am, who God created me to be, in this world.

Amen to all that.


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