Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Martin Luther King, Jr. said "Justice Delayed is Justice Denied"

Amazing to me when LGBTQ people of all stripes vote against themselves.


I am stunned.

For example, undoubtedly there are LGBTQ people in the closet who will vote against letting LGBTQ people be ordained in the PCUSA as we vote on amending the Book of Order in re: ordination "standards."

Likewise, in MN there is State Sen. Paul Koering--who has been out as a gay man since 2005--who is voting against marriage equal rights in his state because it may be moving too fast:

“I think some of the gay activists will be upset with me for this, but sometimes I think an agenda is pushed so far and so fast that people have no alternative but to push back,” Koering told Raw Story at the time. “And I think that sometimes you have to move slowly.”

Absolutely, positively amazing!

Why do people who are LGBTQ vote against themselves in voting down laws that protect them? Is it self-loathing? Self-hatred? Mis-directed anger? Love of being in the closet?

Anyone else?

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Stunned, Brett

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