Sunday, February 15, 2009

Courage That Is Not Courage

In the, the website for the News and Observer newspaper, there was an article on the new group officially blessed by those in power in the Vatican called "Courage." Like "Exodus," or "One By One," this is an ex-gay ministry, kind of. "Courage" is for LGBT people who, while not necessarily seeking reparative therapy, would rather live a celibate life than one that is sexual. "Courage" acknowledges that certain people may be attracted by people of the same sex, and that is not a "sin." The "sin" is acting on the attraction.

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Here's what is interesting: which takes more courage: living the life God gave you, or living a lie and denying what gave you? God made us sexual beings, as well as beings who are intelligent, emotional, relational, and spiritual. In the case of those of us who are LGBTQ, living life honestly and openly takes courage. Denying and living a repressed life does not courage. It takes a spirit of cowardliness.



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manxxman said...

Will some would call it courage as they are so wrapped up in dogma that they can't venture forth any other way. So sad.