Friday, February 6, 2009

In Portland, OR: The Land of Sam (Adams) and Beau (Breedlove)

I've been in Portland, OR, visiting my folks. My mom celebrated a major birthday, and my dad is in an intermediate care facility nearby. I come out here every few months to check in on them, relieving my brother in Seattle of always being the care taker.

I must say that there is no end of chatter about Sam and Beau. The chattering class and the media are having a great time keeping this on the front burner, with queries like "what did they do, and when did they do it?"

How Roman Polanski-like?!

I agree with Byron Beck of the Willamette Weekly: Sam lied. As so many LGBTQ people who are in the 40s and beyond, there was a defensive crouch that so many of us took, afraid to admit to ourselves we were gay, let alone the world. We lied to our very selves about who we are: LGBT or Q. And we lied to others, and no always consciously. Sam lied about his relationship with Beau. He should not have lied. But he lied. Click here for more.

Will be back in NC soon. Then let's talk about running for the Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board, School of the Pilgrim, church, and life in general.




manxxman said...

Welcome back. I went up to Washington D.C. last week to visit my 90 year old mother. She is living with my oldest brother now and is not liking the fact that her body doesn't obay her like it used to. She is having a birthday in April and we've (all six siblings) have decided that all of us decending on her for 3 days wouldn't be as good for her as each of us going for a week every month and spending quiet time with her. I had a wonderful time. I was there in September and she was not in a good place at that time but her mental attitude has improved tremendously for which I am very grateful.

As for mayor Sam.....I don't really know what to think. He lied, but then we all lie. If he's a good and effective mayor he needs to stay one. I guess.

When are you going to announce your canidacy????

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

Nice! I'm with you: one person at a time.

As for Mayor Sam: when I was in Portland, it was evident that this case is still unfolding. It surely is taking up a lot of his time and energy.

My candidacy? Still contemplating that one.