Monday, November 12, 2007

The Word is Out: ON BEING A GAY PARENT is a first of its kind!

As anyone who reads this blogspot knows, ON BEING A GAY PARENT was delivered to my house on Nov. 1st! The book is now in bookstores near you!

And the reviews have started to come in! And the reviews are positive! Good! And sometimes "Very good!"

Surprisingly, I have come to understand that this book is one of the first--if not the first book--of its kind: an explicitly Christian book/perspective on gay- and lesbian-parenting! While other books may discuss "faith," "love," and "religion," along with the word "church" or "synagogue," and perhaps "mosque," this is the first book that embraces Christianity not as the antagonist or the Church as the "evil empire," (apologies to Ronald Reagan-fans), but as the very basis of who I, the author, am as a person, which shapes how I understand family, parenting, children, etc. While Dan Savage claims a background that was shaped by his Irish Catholic heritage, he does not write out of that context per se in their parenting. And while Andrew Sullivan is unapologetically a Christian shaped by his Catholic heritage, he is not a parent. In academic circles, theologians James Allison and Gene Rogers do not write about families. Among other Christian "activists," Mel White and Gene Robinson talk about their families, but their books are not on parenting or family-issues per se.

So enjoy these websites/blogspots: Families Joined by Love

Also check out a wonderful blog posting by my friend Mark Kleinschmidt.

Finally, a big thanks to Michael Adee and More Light Presbyterians for their support.


Peace, Brett

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