Saturday, November 17, 2007

Reading at Border's in Apex, NC

Our friend Julia made tonight's reading and signing at Borders Bookstore in Apex, NC possible. While there was a small gathering of listeners, they were incredible, shall we say, "coincidences": one of the people who attended was Judy, a mom who attended a church in which I was the founding pastor in Cary, NC. She knew my former wife, knows my children, and met Dean tonight. Judy came to the store because of the poster that Julia put on the Borders Store window. The other person was Linda, who recently had a documentary she had filmed, following one of the cases by Sr. Helen Prejean pursued. Linda and I talked about the possibility of doing a sort-of Discovery Channel/Travel Channel series on pilgrimage!

And we met Peter tonight: Peter is a father of three who is trying to blend more "equally" the feminine and masculine side of his personality: he wore a leather jacket and a skirt. We had a fascinating conversation with him. While not a cross-dresser per se, nor transgender, he was exploring the various sides of his gender, which he understood as "male," but was interested in pursuing a "tom boy" feminine side he relates to as well.

Miracles abound!

Peace, Brett

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