Thursday, November 15, 2007

Feel the love!

My son Parker was sick today. He complained about a sore throat yesterday, and this morning it was still bothering him, with an early CRASH to bed.

What was amazing is this: Parker was surrounded by three adults who were watching him throughout the day, even though we were all at work in our various jobs. His mom was teaching, but calling in often; Dean was engaged in a protest at work (the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill usually has a civil protest in the Pit at 12 noon/around lunch); and I was in Raleigh, calling in. Throughout the day, we probably kept Parker up and away from sleep by calling him, asking if he needed anything, when what he needed was sleep, along with plenty of fluids.

We have all come to appreciate the wider circle of love that our "family" offers him, and each of us, each and every day of life.

Ain't love grand?

Peace, Brett

p.s. On Friday afternoon, we dashed into the doctor's office to find out what the lingering sore throat was all about: :Parker had strep! Penicillin was the cure! All is on the mend.

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