Friday, November 30, 2007

Media Day

My partner Dean has more than once called me a "Media Slut," and I lived up to that name today.  First thing this morning: News and Observer (based in Raleigh but distributed throughout the state of NC), in the Faith section, "Gay, Christian, and a Parent," by Yonat Shimron, (, go to Religion section).  And I was the second segment on The State of Things on WUNC (, go to archives for Nov. 30, 2007), our NPR station.


Feel free to get on the websites...and enjoy!

Peace, Brett

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Em said...

"If God made me this way," he asks, "who am I hiding from?"

I love this quote! I think it's awful the way so many religions aren't able to cope with gay and lesbians as part of God's creation. It's appalling to think that someone would conciously chose to be treated as a pariah, and proclaim themselves as a gay or lesbian person. I've heard people say 'he decided to be gay' or 'she thinks she should be a lesbian', when these people don't really understand the concept that it's not something a person just chooses.