Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Reading Aloud to Our Children

What every parent, guardian, grand-parent, foster parent, relative, friend (you get the idea) is told to do when our children are young is to read to our children...a lot!

What is fun is reading to our children when they are older, especially when it is from your very own book!

Here's the scenario: Dean and I picked up Adrianne from college yesterday, and we all woke up late this morning. Having shown Adrianne the publicity around the book, ON BEING A GAY PARENT, she was eager to see it in print. What was fun this morning was reading portions of the book with her story in it. It was a keen test of the writer as well, because she could tell if the stories were close to being the real "McCoy," or if I had gotten her voice and story wrong. After reading various passages of the book, she gave me the "O.K." that I was waiting to hear: "That's pretty good! How young was I when I said all that?" And we talked about her life story with two gay "dads."

On another note: our area's "Village Voice," known as the Independent Weekly, highlighted the book in its "Eight Days a Week" pages, highlighting the reading/signing at McIntyre's Fine Books this coming Tuesday, Nov. 27th. It was also highlighted as an "Indy Pick" among the many lectures and book readings in the area in the coming week! Go to the link:
Independent Weekly
Independent Weekly: Content Page

We look forward to having Valencian Paella tomorrow for Thanksgiving as a family!

Peace, Brett

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