Sunday, January 6, 2013

Please Vote Today on Rings of Equality for This Blog!

Dear Friends and Family, thanks for the fun of voting for this blog on  We are close to breaking through 300!  Absolutely phenomenal...and it is all because of you, kind people.

My hope in winning this prize of consulting hours is to find the best way to get the stories of other LGBTQI and straight ally friends and families "out there" to the world.  It's fun to blog, but hard to get the word "out there." The folks at Q Notes at and and, where I blog, have been helpful conduits for my writing.  But I know that others need to know our stories and realize that we are "out here" in the world, and that we and the kids are all right.  We are your neighbors, friends, family members, co-workers, bosses, ministers, priests... Telling our stories helps those questioning whether or not they can be out by giving them hope that being out of the closet--while it may seem threatening--does have its advantages over the disadvantages, namely our health (spiritual, emotional, physical, and psychological health).  For those who are against us and our families, telling our stories pulls the rug from their feet as they make us seem less than human as they realize the simple humanity of our stories.  And as a pro-faith, pro-gay, pro-family writer, I hope the blog shares the beauty of who and whose we are.

Please vote today!  Vote once a day on your cell phone AND on your internet.  9 more days!

Woo hoo!

And thanks!


p.s., use these stories; invite me to come and read these stories out loud...share these stories.


Buddy Bear said...

I voted just now and I will vote again! You are head of the second place blog by just 2%!

I had a little trouble finding the link to the actual spot to vote. It is:

Brett Webb-Mitchell said...

Thank you! I appreciate the support and the helpful suggestion in getting to the voting place!